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Why You Should Choose Custom Wallpaper Printing

For years wallpaper has been a go-to for people looking to bring more colour and texture to their walls. However, for a truly one-of-a-kind design, people often had to look to paint. Over time, wallpaper has become associated with tired, ready-made patterns; but this doesn’t have to be the case.

Thanks to enormous strides in digital printing, you can leave the wallpaper rack behind and create your own designs. Whether you’re looking to paper an entire room, or create a small feature, custom wallpaper printing gives you the flexibility you need to make a totally unique interior.

Custom Wallpaper Printing


Pick Unique Printed Wallpaper for Your Next Project

Often, people can be put off wallpaper because they simply can’t find a style they like. But thanks to custom wallpaper printing, you’re not limited to a popular design and changing fashions. You can create and print a pattern that complements your interior design. And the power of digital printing doesn’t stop there.

Firstly, with a digital design, your wallpaper doesn’t have to repeat itself every few inches. You could create a unique, large-scale design for a single feature wall. Digitally printed wallpaper opens up endless design options that weren’t possible before. In fact, you’re free to work with large scale designs. You can even bring in high-resolution photos, or use smooth colour gradients.

The benefits of custom wallpaper also go well beyond the design. The nature of digital wallpaper printing allows you to tailor the size and cost of your order. This means there’s no question of stock; digitally printed wallpaper can be ready when you need it. Unlike buying wallpaper in rolls, you can print your custom wallpaper to the exact measurements you require. This is perfect for people who want to create a unique mural for one wall.

So, where do you go to print a custom wallpaper design?


Custom Wallpaper Printing from Reed Digital

If you’re interested in bringing your unique wallpaper design to life, there are many reasons to choose Reed Digital’s printing services in Ipswich.

When it comes to wallpaper, you need the very best print quality. There’s no hiding poor image quality when it’s on the wall. Thankfully, at Reed Digital, we have the latest professional printing equipment to bring your designs vividly to life. With over 15 years in the business, you can trust us to deliver a printed product you can be proud of.

We are always happy to work on projects big and small. Whether you’re planning to paper one wall, or hundreds, we’re always ready to have your order printed promptly.

To find out more about your wallpaper printing options, contact us today.

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