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Customising Your Business Cards: Adding a Personal Touch

A business card has always been an essential part of any professional toolkit. At their heart, business cards keep your branding and contact details in one place. They are an indispensable tool for reaching out to new clients and reminding them of your services. But sometimes, business cards can fail to make an impression and cards can be quickly forgotten about. However, there are many ways you can bring new life into your business cards. Putting your cards to use in new and unexpected ways is a great way to increase customer engagement and encourage further enquiries.

Custom Business Cards

Connect to your Customers with Custom Business Cards

One problem with business cards is that they can fail to motivate returning customers. Thankfully, there are many ways you can customise your cards to put them to new uses.

Firstly, using your business cards as appointment cards is a great way of making your presence known. Having a paper reminder of an upcoming appointment can be refreshing for customers in an age of digital calendars. Whether you’re a beauty salon or a medical centre, appointment cards will help keep you in your customers’ mind.

Business cards are often used to introduce customers to your company. But, one way you could use custom business cards is as Thank You cards. You can place these cards inside packages, making a positive impression on customers. This can encourage customers to use your shopping service again.

Thirdly, if you’re planning an event, the form of a business card is great for invitations. The small size of the card makes them simple to send, whilst a variety of high-quality print options can make a strong impression on the recipient.

Finally, to ensure that your branded business cards continue to make an impression on returning customers, you could consider using them as loyalty cards. If your company has a pre-existing membership program, your business card could advertise its advantages and rewards. Alternatively, as a loyalty card, it could offer spaces for stamps; netting returning customers a free reward after a certain number of purchases.

Each of these methods is a great way to make a lasting impact with your business cards, encouraging customers to hold onto them for longer.

Printing Custom Business Cards with Reed Digital

Once you’ve designed your custom business cards, you’ll need to think about printing options. Quality printing services from the likes of Reed Digital offer a range of printing options to realise the full potential of your designs. This choice also ensures you find a printing option to match your budget.

Reed Digital offer business card printing in a range of quantities. As well as this, you can opt for single or double-sided printing. Double-sided printing would be perfect for a business card design that doubles as a loyalty or appointment card. Alongside this, you can opt for a variety of paper types, and you can also choose to have your card laminated in a matt or gloss style.

Find out more about the printing options available for your business cards at Reed Digital by contacting us today.

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