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Are you on the convention circuit and desperate to make even more impact? It does not matter how great your speech is – although it does need to be good enough to captivate the audience and draw them in – you need great visual aids. Consider having a series of posters made up that will help you to spread your message in a clear concise way as a back-up to the main points of your talk, chat or booth.

When you consider that there are four or five ways in which people pick up information, the main two of which are by hearing it and by seeing it (that is to say seeing pictorial representations and reading about the subject,) it is easy to see why having visual stimulus alongside your set speech can help you to almost double your ‘reach.’

Posters must look professional. Do not be tempted to ‘save pennies’ by making your own – not only will you spend an inordinate amount of time and money getting it just right, you may make a silly mistake or typo that will mean you have to start again.

At Reed Digital, we can provide excellent quality posters, in two different paper thicknesses in sizes up to the large and impressive A0, for much less than you might first think! Our posters look great and will go a long way to capturing the hearts and minds of your audience.

When designing the posters, it is best to have your speech notes to hand. Make sure that the posters’ messages tie in with the speech and that you are easily able to move along the row of posters to be near the relevant visual aid when you are at that point in the speech.

Great graphics and pictures are a must. The old saying is ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’, and your posters can say an awful lot to emphasise and enhance the meaning of your convention circuit talk. Make sure the picture conveys an accurate message as that is what the audience will remember most and best, and back the image up with a few succinct words.

The text on a poster must be in a clear, easy to read font, and should consist of very short sentences or phrases. Lengthy, multi-punctuated sentences can be as well written as possible, but they do not belong on a poster!

The poster should be uncluttered, yet interesting and all of the posters should contain the same call to action – make sure that your contact details are very legible and placed near to a phrase like ‘Call us now.’ If an interested party cannot easily spot how to get hold of you, they may well shrug and not bother to chase up their query, so make it very easy for them to do so!

If our posters sound like something that you need, do not delay! Contact Reed Digital right now for more information on what we can do for you!

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