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The Gift of a Professional Photo Poster

If you’re looking for a gift with a difference, a photo poster is the perfect present. Giving something special to someone you care about isn’t always easy. Jewellery, perfume and aftershave are some of the go-to items. But because they’re familiar gifts, they don’t have that unique ingredient you’re searching for. A professional photo poster, on the other hand, is both personal and unexpected.

Here at Reed Digital we have a wealth of experience in professional high quality printing. We’re more than happy to share that experience with our customers, offering friendly advice and first class products. Read on for some useful tips on creating the perfect photo gift.

Photography - The Gift of a Professional Photo Poster

Taking the perfect photo

Photo printing technology has advanced significantly, allowing super-quality large prints to be created. The tricky part is taking the perfect photo. The good news is, digital cameras have made the process much easier. No longer restricted to 36 shots on a roll of film, we can click away to our heart’s content. And in many ways, that’s the secret of a good photo. Don’t take one, take five and choose the best. Take your photos outside if possible, as there’s no better lighting than the sun. With blue sky as a backdrop, it’s hard to go wrong. Make your photos candid if you can, as posed expressions are not as real. A photo poster of someone happy and laughing will make you smile every time you look at it.

Making it a surprise

When someone knows about a gift in advance, it can take away a little bit of the shine. We’re all capable of keeping a secret, but sometimes it’s hard not to let the cat out of the bag. It’s generally a good idea not to tell anyone else what you’re planning. The fewer people who know about it, the less chance there is of someone letting something slip. Your photo poster will be delivered in a sturdy cardboard poster tube, and that could give the game away. Once you’ve ordered your poster, try and make sure it’s you who picks up the post in the morning. If that isn’t possible, have it delivered to your place of work, or a friend or relative. (But remember not to tell them what it is)!

The benefits of professional printing

It’s true that colour photocopiers have improved over the years. But the advantages of having your poster printed professionally cannot be overstated. (It’ll also cost you a lot less than a bottle of perfume)! Only a professional company like Reed Digital will be able to recreate the colour and clarity of your original photo. Your picture will be printed on high quality poster paper, providing a first class finish that will last. The image can be printed edge to edge to give that polished, professional look. Our unique ink system produces vibrant, water-resistant colours that will stay bright for years. From modest A3 to dramatic A0, your poster can be any size you like.

Why not contact us now to order a photographic poster for someone you care about.

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