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Our Top 5 Favourite Poster Designs

Have you been looking to create an eye-catching and effective poster design? If so, a bit of inspiration might be in order. This is why our experts have put together some unique poster design ideas, so that you can from an objective and educated opinion. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Some of the most effective poster designs incorporate bold lettering alongside striking images. The main intention behind this strategy is to immediately capture the attention of onlookers. Thus, it makes perfect sense that this type of poster design is often relied upon within the world of advertising.

Striking Backgrounds

It is important to take into account backgrounds when dealing with the concept of bespoke poster designs. Not only should they be relevant to the topic at hand, but backgrounds can often be used to better emphasise the point that you are trying to make. A well-researched background poster design can have a massive impact upon how the imagery impacts the viewer.

Right to the Point

Another poster design that has remained a favourite involves a sense of simplicity. After all, complicated imagery will only serve to detract from the contents. Poster designs that are too overwhelming can lead to confusion, and make it much more difficult to get a specific point across. Simple mission statements, clear contact details, and a subsequent call to action are some of the main elements to place within such poster designs. With these the chances are high that you will enjoy a better return on investment.

The Use of Leading Lines Within Poster Design

This is a lesser-known poster design idea and yet, it is extremely powerful. Leading lines are images and/or backgrounds that help to draw the focus of the reader to a certain point. An example could be two roads converging towards the horizon, or tall buildings that cause the reader to immediately look up to a message written in the clouds. These poster designs employ psychology to better resonate with the customer, while still presenting your products and services in a stunning manner.


Infographics are often seen within websites, as they are capable of explaining complicated concepts, or breaking down a subject into easily digestible sections. However, poster designs can also incorporate these techniques on occasion. Our team will often employ infographics within a poster design template in order to highlight the benefits of a specific product, or to illustrate what customers can expect when utilising a service.

The experts at Reed Digital offer a second-to-none level of experience within the poster design industry. If you are hoping to create an eye-catching advertisement, or simply wish to learn more about the countless options at your disposal, it is a good idea to contact us directly. There is no substitute for creativity within this modern world. Our team always remains one step ahead of the curve so you are in good hands.

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