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How to give your wedding invites that personal touch

Planning for a wedding is certainly no easy task. You need to make sure that your special day provides memories to last a lifetime, and often the first step is informing friends and loved ones about your special day with style. Let’s look at how personalised wedding invitations can make all of the difference.

A Quick Look at Wedding Invitation Design

Personalised invites are available in a wide array of styles and these will naturally depend upon the theme that you are trying to achieve. While a handful of couples may choose to create these invitations themselves, some of the most stunning personalised cards are designed by professionals. You will therefore be able to choose the size, the font, the associated imagery, and the colour scheme. In fact, it is even possible to select specific coatings and textures if you wish. The main intention is to capture the flavour of the upcoming event in a stylised and memorable fashion.

How to Personalise Your Invitations

Invitations should always resonate with the recipient. While most couples choose to have the majority of information contained within their wedding invites printed by a third-party design firm, it is normally wise to leave a space where more personal information can be included (such as a specific message or more commonly, the name of the guest). The use of a professional calligrapher is also a good idea as this will add even more style to your presentation.

What Should be Included Within Your Wedding Invites?

Of course, it is important to include all of the most essential information. This will normally consist of:

  • Your desire (either formal or informal) for the guest to attend.
  • The first and last names of the couple to be married.
  • The name of the venue and where it is located.
  • The time and date of the event.
  • The location of the reception (if different from the venue).
  • RSVP information so that guests can confirm their attendance in advance.

You may also choose to include a response cut-off date to avoid any last-minute changes (such as issues with catering or entertainment).

How Early Should These Wedding Invites be Ordered?

Most experts agree that it is best to send out your personalised invites between two and three months in advance of the big day. If you are planning a destination wedding, a minimum of three months should be provided. Not only will this help guests to make the appropriate travel plans and accommodation arrangements, but you will not be pressed for time only days before the event.

Reed Digital is happy to offer you a wide range of options if you are looking to create a truly memorable wedding invitation. We will also help you select the most appropriate themes based around your desires. Please contact us to speak with our friendly team to learn more about your wedding invitation options.

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