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How to Create a Professional Letterhead for Your Business

A professional letterhead is a strong way to improve the look of all your business communications. The kinds of documents that can benefit from a professional letterhead include letters, invoices, and contracts. Investing in a well-designed letterhead can help maintain your brand’s identity across your company documents. At the same time, the main role is to make communication simpler. Readers can quickly consult your company’s contact information thanks to clear presentation. Combining contact information and memorable design, a professional letterhead will make your communications more effective.

Designing a Professional Letterhead

Designing a Professional Letterhead to Fit Your Brand

When creating a letterhead, you could hire the services of a professional designer. Whether you outsource design work, or do it yourself, there are a few favourite design apps to use. Whilst Photoshop is common, Adobe Illustrator and InDesign are by far the best options. Designs in these apps can account for printing.

When it comes to the design itself, the best professional letterheads keep things simple. Simple designs will keep branding and contact information clear to the reader, and make a stronger first impression.

This simplicity extends to the fonts you use. If you already have a set brand font, the task is simpler. Otherwise you first have to pick between serif and sans serif fonts. A serif font has a more traditional look, whilst sans serif is great for contemporary designs. The most common, dependable fonts will have related fonts that offer small variations on a tried and tested look. Standing out doesn’t have to mean opting for the uncommon. Picking a popular font with many ‘related’ fonts will allow you to diversify your font use without losing consistency.

You may also want to include your brand colours in your professional letterhead. But bear in mind that not every colour in your logo needs to make an appearance. Generally, two or three contrasting, but complementary hues will look the most professional.

Printing Your Company Letterheads

When designing your professional letterhead, it’s important to consider the difference between a digital design and the finished, printed product. For this reason, when picking your colours, it can be wise to opt for a Pantone Colour. A Pantone Colour has a corresponding tag to help printers maintain its look regardless of the printing or display methods.

Pantones are particularly helpful if you are using different kinds of paper for your documents. The consistency of your brand’s colours will be maintained across formats and different kinds of materials. This will be particularly helpful when you bring your design to a professional printer.

A professional digital printing service will be best able to realise your design on the page. At Reed Digital, getting your professional letterheads printed is as simple as choosing your quantity, paper stock and uploading your letterhead design. When ordering your next print run of professional letterheads or business cards, get in touch with Reed Digital for speedy, high-quality service.

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