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5 Reasons Why Business Cards Are Still Important

In this day and age, emails have become the most common method of communicating with clients and prospective customers. However, there are still some so-called old school businesses that rely on business cards. If you are sceptical about getting business cards printed for your organisation and employees, think twice as you could be losing out on a business opportunity if you are not using them.

Here are five reasons why business cards are still important in this day of emails, tweets and Facebook.

1. Secured and Tangible: You could have probably deleted an email with a potential client’s contact information, or might have, at times, not opened an important email itself. If contact information is sent through emails, there is always the chance of the email getting lost in the numerous emails the recipient receives.

2. Easy Access to Information: Business cards are convenient as they contain all the required contact information. Your name, telephone number, office address, email ID, website and everything else is mentioned on a single card, which makes it easy to retrieve information when needed. There is no need to sort through different emails to get the required information.

3. Useful in Face-to-Face Meetings: When you have a direct meeting with a customer, it is business etiquette to exchange business cards so you know for sure that the customer has your contact details. The other scenario is when you get introduced to someone during lunch or dinner as it is beneficial to have your business card handy in such situations.

4. Creating an Impression: Business cards that look great and stylish can make a statement in addition to backing up your words. A business card can be designed to portray your business beliefs and philosophy with the right design and colours. For instance, a graphic designer can use their business card to showcase their creative abilities, while a solicitor can use a business card to convey a message of strength and reliability. Furthermore, a business card is a sign that the person is professional in their attitude and outlook.

5. Miniature Form of Advertisement: Your business card is a mini advertisement for your organisation. A recipient can easily pass on your business card to their friends, family and business acquaintances if they need the services or products you are offering. This is a type of indirect advertising where your business card works to get you more business.

These five points clearly show that you can still benefit from business cards even with so much technology around. We at Reed Digital can print business cards for you at affordable prices and with more than 15 years of experience in this field, we can accommodate your requirements seamlessly. Furthermore, we also use the latest printing and design equipment to create professional and stylish-looking business cards that can definitely add value to your business. Call us today and take advantage of our service packages.

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