Architect Plans

If you’re looking for architect printing plans in Ipswich, Suffolk, look no further than Reed Digital. Our expertise in producing high-quality print outs at competitive rates spans 16 years. We are trusted by architects, designers, and manufacturers alike to print the drawings that will illustrate their plans, create blueprints, and present an idea to their clients.

We understand our customers’ requirements and work around you. At Reed Digital, we pride ourselves on our ability to produce documentation with a fast turnaround.

Available up to size A0+. Printed in colour or greyscale from various file formats on to 90gsm plotter paper.

We can scan and print, or scan and archive- please ring us on 01473 216333.

The Ability to Support Numerous File Formats

It is a well-known fact that architectural plans will often need to be shared amongst various project managers. This is why our software solutions support a wide array of common file formats. In other words, there is normally no need to modify or change an existing file extension before a printing task.


Accurate Depictions of Complicated Plans

Architectural plans can be quite complex in nature. Therefore, it is crucial that even the smallest of elements are displayed with clarity. Thanks to our cutting-edge printing techniques, we have the ability to provide high-resolution plans without sacrificing overall quality. Please note that Reed Digital also offers black-and-white as well as colour printing options.


The Use of High-Quality Paper

All of these plans will be printed upon durable 90 gsm (grams per meter) plotter paper. This paper is commonly used within CAD machines and it also supports large photo print formats. Our ultimate goal is to provide reliable and highly accurate photo printing solutions to architects who are satisfied with nothing but the best.


Customer-Friendly Solutions

Reed Digital likewise appreciates that remote photo printing is often one of the most convenient options for busy architects and similar professionals. We are therefore pleased to now offer scan-and-print services. Of course, it is also possible to scan and archive specific plans so that they can be printed at a later date. Either way, our team is always happy to help.


Would you like to discover more about our architectural photo printing services? Whether you are looking to source business cards, booklets, or anything in between, we have you covered with competitive prices and lead-times. Considering the fact that we boast more than 30 years of experience, you can always find the answers that you are looking for. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with one of our professionals to find out more.

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