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The Benefits of Custom Invitation Printing

You don’t need to spend a lot when it comes to making your own custom invitations. Custom invitation printing allows you to put your own personal touch to your invites while also saving money. Whether you are planning a graduation ceremony, an anniversary, or a birthday, there are plenty of benefits to choosing custom invitation printing. So, here are the reasons why you should choose custom invitation printing for your next celebration.

A hand holding a white custom invitation against a duck egg blue background

Why Choose Custom Invitation Printing?

Similarly to business card printing, by choosing custom invitation printing, you can create any design you can think of. From the colour, font, paper type and more, the sky’s the limit when it comes to creating your own unique invite.

Designing your own custom invitation allows you to make a strong impression on your guests. From the design to the overall message, you can create an invitation that is likely to be appealing to your guests.

You can create an invitation that becomes a memorable keepsake by itself. If it’s a first birthday, a wedding or another special event, you can create a custom invitation that will forever remind guests of the occasion.

While you might think custom designing an invitation would mean extra cost, it works out to be the same as mass-produced invitations found in card shops. So with this in mind, why not choose the option that will look the best?

You can incorporate information such as dates, times, and places into the custom invitation design itself. This will save you time as you will not need to write such information by hand for each one.

How to Make your own Custom Invitation Printing Design

Here are the steps you should take when planning your own custom invitation printing:

  1. Work out your budget. Consider how much you want to spend on the size and type of paper you want to use as well as ink, embellishments and how many to send out.
  2. Consider the style that you want. Will it be elegant, bold, subtle or something unique? Do some research online to find the style that bests suits the occasion.
  3. Contact a custom printing company and let them know what your planned custom design is. They will help you choose the best options to bring your design to life.
  4. Choose a template for your custom invitation and edit to fit your design. Get others to check your final design before completing it.
  5. Choose your paper. The thicker the paper, the more luxurious it will appear. Adding some texture such as linen or felt will add even more class.
  6. Choose how much ink you wish to use. Coloured backgrounds look great, but use a lot of ink. Keep this in mind when choosing how much colour to use.
  7. Choose envelopes that are slightly larger than the invitations to make sure they will slide in easily.
  8. Send the template to the printing company in a file format they will accept. If you have any questions about formats for any of our custom invitation printing options, then please don’t hesitate to call us directly.
  9. Once you have received and placed your invitations in the envelopes, you can embellish the envelopes for that extra creative touch.

How can we Help?

Here at Reed Digital we have a wide range of custom cards, invites and more that you can personalise with your own designs. To find out more about our range of bespoke invitation cards, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today.

Why You Should Use Pamphlet Printing as a Marketing Tool

Even with the rise of digital marketing, pamphlet printing is still a highly effective form of marketing. Pamphlets are easy to produce, low cost and simple to distribute. They help relay details about your business and services in a quick and digestible way. In addition, the design and details on products and services makes them a readily collectable item that you can easily pass on to other potential clients. Therefore, here are some ways that you can use pamphlet printing to promote your own business.

Pamphlet Printing

Reasons to Use Pamphlet Printing

  • Pamphlets are eye catching and quickly draw the attention of potential clients. This is very useful for new and emerging businesses with tight budgets.
  • Compared to newspaper and magazine advertising pamphlets are much more cost effective. In addition, they are not competing for attention with other promotions.
  • As you will focus your pamphlet on the products and services your business provides you can make the content as informative and interesting as you want.
  • Pamphlets are versatile enough to promote nearly any type of product or service available. In addition, their format allows you to use them in any number of venues.
  • Pamphlet printing is more cost effective due to discounts offered with bulk printing. The more prints ordered, the lower the cost per pamphlet.
  • In terms of marketing campaigns, pamphlets are one of the most effective ways of interacting with potential clients and generating leads.
  • While email and online marketing have their uses, people still find printed pamphlets a much easier form of advertising to read.

What Makes A Pamphlet Effective?

In order to have a successful pamphlet printing campaign, you should include these details:

  • Eye catching graphics – Graphics can be formatted to fit the size and format of any brochure. As such, you should design them to entice the audience as well as inform them.
  • Informative details – Certain details like charts and graphs can highlight useful details for your audience. Maps are useful to help clients find your store, and even photos of your store and sales team can add appeal.
  • Promotions – Pamphlets are the perfect format to include coupons for discounts or details on sales. This is a great way to attract new clients looking for a bargain.
  • Bulk orders – Pamphlets are low cost compared to other forms of advertising, and the more you order the lower the price per piece.
  • Location – There are many venues that pamphlets work well in, but the best examples are probably trade shows, as part of media kits or directly mailed to clients.

Reed Digital

Here at Reed Digital we print a wide range of booklets and pamphlets in any format you desire. To find out more about our booklet printing services we invite you to view our online store today or contact our friendly team for more information. For high quality printing services speak with us at Reed Digital today.

Customising Your Business Cards: Adding a Personal Touch

A business card has always been an essential part of any professional toolkit. At their heart, business cards keep your branding and contact details in one place. They are an indispensable tool for reaching out to new clients and reminding them of your services. But sometimes, business cards can fail to make an impression and cards can be quickly forgotten about. However, there are many ways you can bring new life into your business cards. Putting your cards to use in new and unexpected ways is a great way to increase customer engagement and encourage further enquiries.

Custom Business Cards

Connect to your Customers with Custom Business Cards

One problem with business cards is that they can fail to motivate returning customers. Thankfully, there are many ways you can customise your cards to put them to new uses.

Firstly, using your business cards as appointment cards is a great way of making your presence known. Having a paper reminder of an upcoming appointment can be refreshing for customers in an age of digital calendars. Whether you’re a beauty salon or a medical centre, appointment cards will help keep you in your customers’ mind.

Business cards are often used to introduce customers to your company. But, one way you could use custom business cards is as Thank You cards. You can place these cards inside packages, making a positive impression on customers. This can encourage customers to use your shopping service again.

Thirdly, if you’re planning an event, the form of a business card is great for invitations. The small size of the card makes them simple to send, whilst a variety of high-quality print options can make a strong impression on the recipient.

Finally, to ensure that your branded business cards continue to make an impression on returning customers, you could consider using them as loyalty cards. If your company has a pre-existing membership program, your business card could advertise its advantages and rewards. Alternatively, as a loyalty card, it could offer spaces for stamps; netting returning customers a free reward after a certain number of purchases.

Each of these methods is a great way to make a lasting impact with your business cards, encouraging customers to hold onto them for longer.

Printing Custom Business Cards with Reed Digital

Once you’ve designed your custom business cards, you’ll need to think about printing options. Quality printing services from the likes of Reed Digital offer a range of printing options to realise the full potential of your designs. This choice also ensures you find a printing option to match your budget.

Reed Digital offer business card printing in a range of quantities. As well as this, you can opt for single or double-sided printing. Double-sided printing would be perfect for a business card design that doubles as a loyalty or appointment card. Alongside this, you can opt for a variety of paper types, and you can also choose to have your card laminated in a matt or gloss style.

Find out more about the printing options available for your business cards at Reed Digital by contacting us today.

Why You Should Choose Custom Wallpaper Printing

For years wallpaper has been a go-to for people looking to bring more colour and texture to their walls. However, for a truly one-of-a-kind design, people often had to look to paint. Over time, wallpaper has become associated with tired, ready-made patterns; but this doesn’t have to be the case.

Thanks to enormous strides in digital printing, you can leave the wallpaper rack behind and create your own designs. Whether you’re looking to paper an entire room, or create a small feature, custom wallpaper printing gives you the flexibility you need to make a totally unique interior.

Custom Wallpaper Printing


Pick Unique Printed Wallpaper for Your Next Project

Often, people can be put off wallpaper because they simply can’t find a style they like. But thanks to custom wallpaper printing, you’re not limited to a popular design and changing fashions. You can create and print a pattern that complements your interior design. And the power of digital printing doesn’t stop there.

Firstly, with a digital design, your wallpaper doesn’t have to repeat itself every few inches. You could create a unique, large-scale design for a single feature wall. Digitally printed wallpaper opens up endless design options that weren’t possible before. In fact, you’re free to work with large scale designs. You can even bring in high-resolution photos, or use smooth colour gradients.

The benefits of custom wallpaper also go well beyond the design. The nature of digital wallpaper printing allows you to tailor the size and cost of your order. This means there’s no question of stock; digitally printed wallpaper can be ready when you need it. Unlike buying wallpaper in rolls, you can print your custom wallpaper to the exact measurements you require. This is perfect for people who want to create a unique mural for one wall.

So, where do you go to print a custom wallpaper design?


Custom Wallpaper Printing from Reed Digital

If you’re interested in bringing your unique wallpaper design to life, there are many reasons to choose Reed Digital’s printing services in Ipswich.

When it comes to wallpaper, you need the very best print quality. There’s no hiding poor image quality when it’s on the wall. Thankfully, at Reed Digital, we have the latest professional printing equipment to bring your designs vividly to life. With over 15 years in the business, you can trust us to deliver a printed product you can be proud of.

We are always happy to work on projects big and small. Whether you’re planning to paper one wall, or hundreds, we’re always ready to have your order printed promptly.

To find out more about your wallpaper printing options, contact us today.

Why do I need leaflets?

All kinds of businesses can benefit from digital leaflet printing. Whether you run a beauty salon or a plumbing service, you’ll need to promote your business offering. Of course, there is always the local press. However, a good-sized ad can be expensive. In fact, advertising in general doesn’t come cheap. That is why printed leaflets are the most efficient and cost-effective way of marketing your business.

If you are launching a new product range or running a special promotion, you can explain it all on a leaflet. Alternatively, if it’s something that’s easier to see than describe, why not include a colour photograph? Ads on social media are often seen and then forgotten; but a leaflet can stay in someone’s pocket, drawer or glove compartment for days or even weeks!

Digital Leaflet Printing

Quality counts

You could produce your own leaflets on a home or workplace printer – but we wouldn’t advise it. That’s because people might see the quality of your leaflet as a reflection on the quality of your business. If your leaflets are professional, it will give the right impression of your business being professional.

Digital leaflet printing offers the kind of quality that potential customers will appreciate. Lettering will be clear and easy to read, while colours will be bright and accurate. Here at Reed Digital, we understand the importance of high quality custom leaflet printing. We’ve been doing it since 1987, and we like to think we’ve got pretty good at it.

Paper choice

Digital leaflet printing can provide something that not only looks good, but also feels right. Quality paper or card can make a big difference to the overall impression your leaflet conveys. You can choose from a range of different finishes, including silk, gloss, standard and extra thick card.

Whichever way you plan to use your leaflets, the impression you’re aiming for is professionalism. Leaflets that look and feel professional will inspire more confidence in the people who receive them. If your leaflets are good, your product or service must be good, too.

Size matters

If you want your leaflets to be pinned up for ongoing display, A3 size could be a good choice. Alternatively, if they are designed to be used as tickets (for example) A6 or smaller might be better. Another benefit of digital leaflet printing is that it offers a wide range of size options. A5 leaflets may be popular, but that doesn’t mean you have to follow the crowd.

Cost effective

At Reed Digital, we provide quality printed leaflets to cater for every price range. You may think it is cheaper to do it at home, but what is the cost in terms of time and effort? We can tailor your printing requirements to match your budget, while still offering the same high-quality service. If you need advice, we are more than happy to share our knowledge and experience with you.

Find out more about the printing services available to you at Reed Digital by visiting our website or contacting us today.

Different Types of Architectural Plans

The construction or renovation of a building can draw on a wide variety of architectural plans. Whether it’s creating a perfect home, or a civil engineering project, bringing together different plans ensures the smooth running of a project. Not only are architectural floor plans key here; a building needs to be carefully planned around its environment and utilities with the aid of site and landscape plans. But what exactly does each type of architectural plan include?

Architectural floor plans

Architectural Floor Plans, Site Plans and Landscape Plans

A floor plan is one of the fundamental plans for a building. This plan will show a view of each story of the home viewed from above. Floor plans will include the locations of all walls and windows, as well as doors and stairs. This kind of plan can also include fittings and furniture which are projected into the flat surface of the floor. The plan will incorporate measurements, but generally ends at the outer walls of the structure.

A site plan is a drawing of a building or apartment that aims to represent the building and its connection to its surroundings. These plans include the boundaries of properties, site access and other relevant nearby structures. Site plans will also display service and utility lines. This will include water supply, drainage and sewage lines. You will find electrical and communication lines on site plans, as well as features like exterior lighting. An architect will often draw the site plan before all other plans. A site plan will decide the size and orientation of any new build.

Though 3D plans are becoming increasingly popular for interior designs, 2D printed architect plans remain the most important plans in plotting a build.

Printing Architectural Floor Plans with Reed Digital

Nowadays, any contemporary building project will account for nearby green spaces. A landscape plan is becoming a more common feature of projects. Landscape plans will show a top-down view of outdoor spaces around a build, including features such as pathways and lawns. Large decorative features or outdoor furniture may also make an appearance, as well as plantations. These plans will often incorporate colour.

Construction projects demand a variety of plans, and these plans must get to the right people. To make this happen, you’ll need a way to print them. This is where Reed Digital can help. Reed Digital use high quality printers which are capable of printing your plans in A2, A1 and A0 sizes. Reed Digital also provides an option for colour printing, perfect for landscape plans. You can also make savings if you order multiple copies of the same print. To get started, simply upload a PDF of your plan to the Reed Digital site.

To get your architectural floor plans into the hands of the people who need them, and keep your project running smoothly, order prints of your architectural plans with Reed Digital today.

The Gift of a Professional Photo Poster

If you’re looking for a gift with a difference, a photo poster is the perfect present. Giving something special to someone you care about isn’t always easy. Jewellery, perfume and aftershave are some of the go-to items. But because they’re familiar gifts, they don’t have that unique ingredient you’re searching for. A professional photo poster, on the other hand, is both personal and unexpected.

Here at Reed Digital we have a wealth of experience in professional high quality printing. We’re more than happy to share that experience with our customers, offering friendly advice and first class products. Read on for some useful tips on creating the perfect photo gift.

Photography - The Gift of a Professional Photo Poster

Taking the perfect photo

Photo printing technology has advanced significantly, allowing super-quality large prints to be created. The tricky part is taking the perfect photo. The good news is, digital cameras have made the process much easier. No longer restricted to 36 shots on a roll of film, we can click away to our heart’s content. And in many ways, that’s the secret of a good photo. Don’t take one, take five and choose the best. Take your photos outside if possible, as there’s no better lighting than the sun. With blue sky as a backdrop, it’s hard to go wrong. Make your photos candid if you can, as posed expressions are not as real. A photo poster of someone happy and laughing will make you smile every time you look at it.

Making it a surprise

When someone knows about a gift in advance, it can take away a little bit of the shine. We’re all capable of keeping a secret, but sometimes it’s hard not to let the cat out of the bag. It’s generally a good idea not to tell anyone else what you’re planning. The fewer people who know about it, the less chance there is of someone letting something slip. Your photo poster will be delivered in a sturdy cardboard poster tube, and that could give the game away. Once you’ve ordered your poster, try and make sure it’s you who picks up the post in the morning. If that isn’t possible, have it delivered to your place of work, or a friend or relative. (But remember not to tell them what it is)!

The benefits of professional printing

It’s true that colour photocopiers have improved over the years. But the advantages of having your poster printed professionally cannot be overstated. (It’ll also cost you a lot less than a bottle of perfume)! Only a professional company like Reed Digital will be able to recreate the colour and clarity of your original photo. Your picture will be printed on high quality poster paper, providing a first class finish that will last. The image can be printed edge to edge to give that polished, professional look. Our unique ink system produces vibrant, water-resistant colours that will stay bright for years. From modest A3 to dramatic A0, your poster can be any size you like.

Why not contact us now to order a photographic poster for someone you care about.

3 Things to Consider When Designing Your Company Stationery

Company stationery is an essential for any business, and it’s important in ways we sometimes forget. A business card or letter is often your first point of contact with a potential new client; and first impressions count. A poorly designed logo in the wrong colours can put customers off without them even knowing it. The way your stationery is designed makes a statement about your company. You just need to make sure it’s the right statement.

Reed Digital launched in 2006, but our family has been in the reprographic business since 1987. This gives us a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of design and printing. Read on to learn more about designing the right stationery for your company.

Providing your Pantone

Colour is key to any design, including business cards, but it could be more important than you know. The best designers think long and hard about the colours they use. Imagine a certain burger logo depicted in blue and green! Different designs demand their own specific colours, and getting it right is critical. Deciding on the colour is one thing; making sure it’s accurately reproduced on your stationery is another.

Pantone is the globally accepted authority on shades of colour. Using Pantone colours as guide means everyone – including designers, printers and manufacturers – is on the same page. Having decided on the perfect colours, you need to make sure they are assigned to Pantone colours. That way your print provider will be able to reproduce them with perfect accuracy.

Using a shorthand and full logo

We all know logos are important, and can set your company apart from the crowd. The famous Shell logo springs to mind as a classic example. But, there’s something else about that logo that raises it to another level. It has become so recognisable, that it now often appears without the brand name. Another example is the Nike ‘swoosh’. You don’t need the name to know who the brand is.

Clearly, it takes time to build up such instant recognition. So on your business premises you would probably display your logo along with your company name. But, if your logo is strong enough, you might consider using a shorthand version on your company stationery. On smaller items like letterheads and business cards, a strong logo can create a powerful identity for your brand.

Materials to print on

The overall quality of your company stationery is not just about design and printing. It’s also about choosing the right materials, so that they don’t just look good, but feel good, too. A business card printed on high quality 350gsm card creates the right impression with potential customers. A gloss or matt laminate is even more impressive. And, as we’ve already mentioned, first impressions count.

If you’ve ever received a letter on cheap copier paper with a computer-printed header, you’ll know how that feels. A letter with a well-designed letterhead on high quality paper says a lot about you. It lets people know you’re a serious company, and one worth doing business with. When ordering your next letterhead, call us for more information or advice. We can help you make the right choice for your business today.

How to Create a Professional Letterhead for Your Business

A professional letterhead is a strong way to improve the look of all your business communications. The kinds of documents that can benefit from a professional letterhead include letters, invoices, and contracts. Investing in a well-designed letterhead can help maintain your brand’s identity across your company documents. At the same time, the main role is to make communication simpler. Readers can quickly consult your company’s contact information thanks to clear presentation. Combining contact information and memorable design, a professional letterhead will make your communications more effective.

Designing a Professional Letterhead

Designing a Professional Letterhead to Fit Your Brand

When creating a letterhead, you could hire the services of a professional designer. Whether you outsource design work, or do it yourself, there are a few favourite design apps to use. Whilst Photoshop is common, Adobe Illustrator and InDesign are by far the best options. Designs in these apps can account for printing.

When it comes to the design itself, the best professional letterheads keep things simple. Simple designs will keep branding and contact information clear to the reader, and make a stronger first impression.

This simplicity extends to the fonts you use. If you already have a set brand font, the task is simpler. Otherwise you first have to pick between serif and sans serif fonts. A serif font has a more traditional look, whilst sans serif is great for contemporary designs. The most common, dependable fonts will have related fonts that offer small variations on a tried and tested look. Standing out doesn’t have to mean opting for the uncommon. Picking a popular font with many ‘related’ fonts will allow you to diversify your font use without losing consistency.

You may also want to include your brand colours in your professional letterhead. But bear in mind that not every colour in your logo needs to make an appearance. Generally, two or three contrasting, but complementary hues will look the most professional.

Printing Your Company Letterheads

When designing your professional letterhead, it’s important to consider the difference between a digital design and the finished, printed product. For this reason, when picking your colours, it can be wise to opt for a Pantone Colour. A Pantone Colour has a corresponding tag to help printers maintain its look regardless of the printing or display methods.

Pantones are particularly helpful if you are using different kinds of paper for your documents. The consistency of your brand’s colours will be maintained across formats and different kinds of materials. This will be particularly helpful when you bring your design to a professional printer.

A professional digital printing service will be best able to realise your design on the page. At Reed Digital, getting your professional letterheads printed is as simple as choosing your quantity, paper stock and uploading your letterhead design. When ordering your next print run of professional letterheads or business cards, get in touch with Reed Digital for speedy, high-quality service.

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